Joy’s Bella Bridesmaids

What a whirlwind summer it has been!!

After planning my own, and being an integral part of my sisters wedding planning all in the last 2 years, I found a niche in the wedding business… We really struggled to give our bridesmaids a positive experience whilst choosing dresses!

Wherever we visited the dresses were on a tiny rail, often in dark corners, tucked away – never given the presentation they deserve. Often not all the girls would try them on – simply because stores weren’t stocked with adequate sizes, or indeed because there weren’t enough changing rooms! I’ll never forget my one of my sisters more outgoing maids stripping to her underwear in the middle of the shop – simply due to a lack of space in which to get changed.

So, Joy’s Bella Bridesmaids was born. With an appointment, we can give the bride and her bridesmaids exclusive use of our store.

We searched the area for the ideal premises – not in the middle of town where people can’t get parked, not on some industrial site in an old warehouse. We wanted somewhere special and when we found The Old Granary, we knew we had it.

The lease was signed, the keys handed over. Work began! August became very hectic. Our builder was fantastic and created 4 spacious first floor dressing rooms, as well as a large dressing room downstairs. Choosing the nice parts was fun – wallpaper, plush sofas, comfy chairs all to add to the exclusive experience bridesmaids would be guaranteed at Joy’s.

Deciding who to stock was easy! Choosing from their fabulous ranges…not so!! Twobirds bridesmaid – I’d had them for my own bridesmaids; the dresses are so beautiful and there really is a style to suit everyone. Dessy – their huge range of styles and colours ensures everyone’s scheme. Amanda Wyatt meant we could accommodate even the youngest of maids too!

But now, last touches are done, lists are frantically checked, final orders received.

And we’re ready. Come and say hello, we open our doors on the 12th September, 10am-4pm.

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